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Acido's FunStuff

Sex in space: 10 positions

MasterCard: Priceless!

Now, You Learn Korean: Fa Kin Su Pah!

Cats and other funny animals

The Beauty of the English Language


50 Things To Do In An Elevator

Osama Fun Laden

Label Instructions

Sporty Fun

The Sicknote

Articulately Worded Messages

Miscommunication at the Oval Office

Very weird car wrecks

This page comes alive
when you stare at it

Why Men Die Younger


Unsorted Fun

Spelling Chequer (poem)

Santa Fun

Indecent Fun (18+)

Dutch funstuff

Woordspelingen: Zoek de dubbele betekenissen

Viruswaarschuwing: Bad Times

Niet Grappig

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