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BB King live in Singen
17 july 2004

These pictures were taken at a unique live performance of the great BB King, King Of The Blues ! The site was located at the top of a mountain, over 500 m high, near the town of Singen, southern Germany.

The show turned out te be even more special, because we were hit by a huge thunderstorm just before the concert would start... We were sitting there, some 1000 fans, a huge steel pipe stage, with lighting and sound equipment and all, and lightning flashed around us on all sides!

The local police showed up to inform us that the concert would be delayed untill the storm passed over, and to ask us to stay away from the large trees...

And yes, we got wet, though we were not struck by the heaviest rains at the center of the storm, fortunately...

There also were some technical difficulties: the band brought a 110V amplifier but there was only 220V available. A 110V transformer had to be arranged and brought up all the way from the village below, which took quite some time.

But, when the band finally started their show, about 90 minutes late, the crowd went wild and we were presented one of the best performances I've even seen of the BB King Blues Band! It sure was a night to remember!

Click on a picture for the original large version (2560 x 1920, about 1 MB)

Dear Ursula, thanx again for saving us! ;-)

A unique location for a BB concert

The King finally enters the stage :-D



Play The Blues, BB!!









Video 001

Video 002

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